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About Rosemarie Mazzei

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Rosemarie Mazzei

Rosemarie Mazzei

Rosemarie Mazzei comes from a family of fine artists. Winner of various art contests in high school and thereafter, she has worked in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. She tried her hand at pen and ink drawings and discovered a great love for the medium. These drawings soon translated into portraits, decals for pottery and ceramics, and most recently, designs for her fused glassware.

Distinguished Art Glass

In 1990, after she saw some works of fused glass while vacationing in Maine, Rosemarie began to study how to create fused glass products. She attended several workshops and did a great deal of research into creating fused glass works. But she discovered that there was not much information on the subject at that time (and there still is not), so she went about learning her fused glass profession largely via trial and error and through the development of her own procedures. Her hard work has reaped the rewards. In 1991 she established Distinguished Art Glass and has been exhibiting her works at juried craft shows ever since.

Rosemarie Today

Rosemarie’s glassware evolved over the past several years from simple flat glassware to the many and varied shapes and one-of-a-kind pieces that are now her trademark. With clients from all seven continents, Rosemarie takes great pride in capturing the essence of her subjects in magnificent fused glass masterpieces. Rosemarie’s work has been featured in the Sunday New York Times, The New Jersey Star Ledger, and The Star Gazette, her local newspaper. Click here to view current and past museums and galleries with exhibits of Rosemarie’s work.
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