Distinguished Art Glass - Fused Glass Artwork Care & Handling

Care & Handling

Please Call (908) 520-2369 to Contact Distinguished Art Glass
Glass Plate Set
Welcome to Distinguished Art Glass and thank you for your interest in our artwork! All of our products can be used as tableware, dinnerware, or other functional, practical uses for which they are intended. Or, if you wish, you can feature them as display pieces on suitable shelving or in a back-lit display case.

Dishwasher Safe, NOT Microwave Safe

You can place any of our items in a dishwasher for cleaning, but you must not place any item in your microwave, as it could damage your microwave or the pattern enamels sealed in the glassware item. Enjoy your fused glass product. It will give you long service and will always be the talk of any get together. Please contact Rosemarie for further care and handling details.
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